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A girl smiling by touching her teeth

Whether your teeth are mildly crooked or they are severely misaligned, having straighter teeth is important to maintaining your oral and emotional health. When patients have crooked teeth or oddly-spaced teeth, they are at a higher risk for a variety of health dangers, such as gum disease. If you are ready to correct your crooked teeth, then speak with your dentist serving Renton, WA about the various orthodontic appliances available.

Fewer Dental and Gum Problems

If your teeth are crooked or spaced too far apart from each other, you are at a much greater risk of dental problems and gum disease. Daily flossing is an essential habit to prevent gum disease, but flossing becomes very difficult if your teeth are not straight and in their correct location. You might also have difficulty reaching all surfaces of your teeth if crowding is an issue. With straight teeth brought on by Invisalign, ClearCorrect, or traditional braces, your teeth can be straighter and easier to clean, so you will be at a lower risk for dental and gum problems.

Greater Confidence

When your teeth are not straight, it can often affect how you feel about your smile. You may be hesitant to smile or speak often because you are embarrassed about how your teeth look. By taking full advantage of an orthodontic appliance, your smile can become straighter and more beautiful. This will give you greater confidence in yourself, which will positively affect the rest of your life and relationships.

Stronger Teeth

Some patients may have bucked front teeth or teeth that stick out at odd angles. These teeth are at a much greater risk of cracking or becoming damaged if they are not corrected. Through orthodontic procedures, a dentist or orthodontist can slowly return these teeth to their correct position. By not jutting out anymore, these teeth will become stronger and have a reduced risk of becoming damaged later in your life.