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Doctor holding banner of gum disease

Gum disease in Renton, WA is a very serious problem that should be addressed, whether you have mild gingivitis or the advanced periodontitis. If you have gum disease, you are at a greater risk for losing teeth, developing a compromised immune system, and possibly developing heart disease. Contact your dentist to schedule a dental checkup if you realize you have any of the following signs:

  • Your gums bleed easily, especially when brushing and flossing. Many patients may believe they are simply brushing too hard, but bleeding is often a sign of gingivitis.
  • Your breath smells bad, no matter what. The breath may often smell bad after eating certain foods, but if you notice your bad breath throughout the day, then you may have gum disease.
  • Your gums are red and swollen. Gum tissue should have a healthy, pink tone. If your gums are blood-red or darker and swollen, then you may have gum disease.

Your gums and teeth are sore when you chew. This is a sign of advancing gum disease, and you must see a dentist for a checkup very soon.