Oral Appliance for Sleep Apnea in Renton

Dentists Specializing in Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea affects as many as one in five Americans. It can develop at any age and affects your ability to get a healthy night’s sleep, leading to consequences that include drowsiness,

difficulty concentrating and learning new information, and even poor health. Your dentist at Smiles@Southcenter can help you achieve the good night’s sleep you need for a higher quality of life with getting treatment in Renton and Tukwila areas, that includes the Moses Oral Appliance.

Benefits of Sleep Apnea Mouthpiece

There are several treatment options for patients. Treatment can offer many benefits over other treatment solutions, particularly for those with mild to moderate apnea.

  • Oral sleep appliances are a much smaller and more inconspicuous treatment option when compared with using a CPAP machine. Oral appliances are also quieter than CPAP treatment, which can benefit both you and your bed partner.
  • Using an oral appliance makes travel much easier because no extra baggage is required, nor must you find an available outlet or orient your bed to accommodate your CPAP machine.
  • Sleeping with an oral appliance is more comfortable than wearing a CPAP mask. You can sleep in any position or orientation you wish and still achieve the same results.
  • Treatment can reduce the load on your CPAP machine if you require CPAP. This combination of treatments can help you sleep more comfortably, even while using CPAP.

Why Custom Oral Sleep Appliances Are Best

dental sleep apnea treatment tukwila

Although there are over-the-counter oral appliances available that advertise treatment for sleep apnea, these devices are not the same as the treatment solutions available from your dentist. It’s important to work with a professional when seeking treatment to ensure you get the best solution for your needs, both today and in the future.

  • Oral sleep appliances work best when they are custom-fit to your mouth. A simple boil-and-bite sleep device cannot deliver the same customized level of airway control as an oral sleep appliance designed from molds or digital images of your mouth.
  • Not only will a custom sleep appliance provide better results, it will fit more comfortably and prevent dental problems that can develop from poorly-fitted over-the-counter solutions, such as jaw pain or even tooth movement.

Smiles@Southcenter is pleased to offer treatment as part of our comprehensive dental services. You can reach us by phone at (206) 575-9150 to schedule an appointment with your dentist for more information about treatment and CPAP alternatives.


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