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A man covering his face with hands and sleeping

Sleep apnea is a condition in which people have shallow or paused breathing while sleeping. While the effects of sleep apnea are very serious, many people are unaware that they even have this condition. Without proper sleep apnea solutions, such as a CPAP machine or mouthguard, sufferers are at risk for several dangers and conditions as a result of diminished sleep. If you feel tired often, or you suffer from snoring, then speak with your dentist and doctor about possible sleep apnea treatments in Renton, WA to avoid the following issues.

High Blood Pressure

When you do not receive the right amount of sleep, your body reacts in a number of ways. It will become physically stressed, and your hormone levels will fluctuate. In addition to receiving low oxygen in your blood due to your sleep apnea, your blood pressure will begin to rise. With high blood pressure, you are at risk for kidney damage, stroke, and many more life-threatening conditions.

Weight Gain

Weight gain is a possible cause and side effect of sleep apnea. As you become overweight, your airway cannot handle the extra weight, causing sleep apnea. By not getting enough sleep, your body responds by creating a hormone that makes you crave sweets or foods high in carbohydrates. Your body will also have more difficulty correctly processing the food you eat. All of these factors can lead to weight gain.

Heart Disease

Due to the low oxygen that your brain receives with sleep apnea, it has greater difficulty regulating the flow of blood throughout your body and into your heart. Add in the stress of insufficient sleep, then your heart’s rhythm may change, and you could suffer from a heart attack or stroke.

Reduced Awareness

It is proven that with less sleep, your daily functioning will suffer. This means there is a greater possibility of car accidents and injuries. Your reaction time is usually much slower without sleep, and your decision-making ability can become muddled. With better sleep through sleep apnea solutions, you can lower your risk of potential car accidents.