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No Dental Insurance? No Worries!

Enroll in S@S Dental Plan

No Insurance, No Worries! A Dental Plan that Cuts Cost, Not Convenience.

Join Today. You’ll be glad you did.

Smiles @ Southcenter Plan is a reduced-fee, in-house membership plan for families and individuals that allow members to receive dental services at significantly reduced fees. Your S@S coverage starts right away since there are no restrictions like waiting periods, deductibles, or yearly maximums that standard insurance plans include.

We have taken the steps of introducing this plan into our office because we are concerned about the future of quality dental care and your access to it. We are committed to maintaining a high standard of care and service. Dental insurance is increasingly confusing, unpredictable, and restrictive not only for you as a customer, but for us as the provider. S @ S Plan works because it eliminates the overwhelming administrative costs of collecting insurance benefits.

Benefits include:

  • Comprehensive yearly exams (up to 2/year)
  • Simple teeth cleanings (up to 2/year)
    (Simple teeth cleaning benefits, up to 2 per year at $174 each, will be applied to Periodontal Maintenance fees)
  • Radiographs needed for the yearly exams
  • Home teeth whitening kit (1)
  • 15 % reduction on most dental procedures
  • 15% reduction on orthodontic services
  • 10% reduction on implant-related services
Get Immediate Benefits with Our Dental Plan

A S@S membership is $649/year for an initial plan member and $599 for each additional member.

Join Today

You’ll be glad you did. With S@S Plan there are no claim forms, no limits to benefits, no deductibles, and no waiting period. Call us for more details.

Complete Dental Care with State of the Art Technology

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