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Periodontal Care and Deep Cleaning in Tukwila

Experts in Treating Periodontal Disease

We are deeply committed to your oral health. Achieve healthy teeth and gums as well as a beautiful smile. Don’t risk your dental health by putting off treatment. Periodontal disease affects many adults but we can get you on the road to optimal oral health.

Trust the experience and commitment of our team.

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What Is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease is an infection of the teeth, gums, and the bone that surrounds the teeth, and it’s the leading cause of adult tooth loss.

The Warning Signs

If you have periodontal disease, you may be experiencing persistent bad breath, bleeding of the gums when brushing or flossing, soft, swollen, or tender gums, gums pulling away from the teeth, or loose teeth. You may also notice inflammation of the gums between the teeth. This is where periodontal disease usually starts.

It is also possible to have no noticeable symptoms. In fact, most people who have periodontal disease aren’t even aware of it. The sooner you choose treatment, the better chance we have of controlling the disease and saving your teeth.

The treatment involves a combination of scaling and root planing (deep cleaning), new homecare techniques, and frequent dental cleanings and recare appointments. In more severe cases, treatment could also include medication or surgery.

Make Your Investment Count

We will not take your commitment to periodontal treatment lightly. With the foundation of our experienced dental team your efforts will get better results!

Trust the experience and commitment of our team.

Our team recognizes the commitment it takes from both the patient and the health care team to successfully treat and manage periodontal disease. We promise to educate and coach you in your care, provide you with treatment choices, and access the best technology and experience to help you improve your smile. We recognize that one-on-one healthcare leads to much better results than a succession of providers who may come and go over time.

Where you get your dental work done matters!

Complete Dental Care with State of the Art Technology

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