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Although wisdom teeth can be helpful in some cases, they can be problematic in others. Your dentist may suggest the removal of your wisdom teeth if he or she believes they may cause tooth pain or other dental problems in the future. If your wisdom teeth are giving you problems, you may be wondering whether or not you should keep them. Read on to find out if you need your wisdom teeth removed, and how to go about wisdom teeth removal in Tukwila.

Swollen Gums

Your wisdom teeth may potentially cause a number of problems in your mouth. If they do not grow in properly, they may cause your gums to become inflamed or swollen. Swollen gums may be much more difficult to clean, which can inhibit your ability to properly clean your teeth and gums. Swollen gums can lead to pockets that can trap bacteria and food particles, which can result in cavities and tooth decay. If you notice that your gums appear swollen in the area near your wisdom teeth, you may want to consider having these teeth removed.

Damaged Teeth and Jaws

In addition to causing swollen gums, wisdom teeth may actually damage their neighbors. Some people may not have enough room for their wisdom teeth to grow in, and they experience overcrowding once they do. As your new molars force their way in, they may shift the position of other teeth and cause problems with your bite. This can also lead to a fair amount of tooth pain. Wisdom teeth can also damage your jaw by causing cysts to form. Failing to treat these cysts may result in nerve problems and hollowed jaws.

Professional Prognosis

If you are unsure whether or not you should have your wisdom teeth removed, the best course of action is to talk to your dentist. Your dentist will evaluate a range of factors including your age, the shape of your mouth, and the position of your teeth in determining whether your new molars should be removed.