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Dentist treating the patient

Recognizing the symptoms and risk factors of gum disease can help you maintain your oral health, but there is an unfortunate number of prevalent myths that misinform the public. Many people fail to seek toothache relief in Renton, WA and other dental procedures because of these myths, which can be seriously detrimental. People are often under the impression that gum disease is irreversible, that gums will bleed under normal circumstances, and that gingivitis and periodontitis are not even problems that you should worry about. Here are a few myths about gum disease that you should not believe.

Myth: You Can’t Reverse Gum Disease.

Thanks to modern medicine, most diseases are reversible or at least in some way treatable. Gum disease is one condition that is both treatable and reversible. Sometimes people who experience the early stages of gum disease will notice that their gums bleed when they brush their teeth; you should understand, however, that refraining from brushing your teeth will make the problem worse. Visiting your dentist and caring for your oral health can help you reverse the progression of gum disease and bolster your oral and overall health.

Myth: It’s Normal for Gums to Bleed.

Some factors will make it more likely for your gums to bleed, but that doesn’t mean it’s a normal symptom to experience. Women are particularly susceptible to the myth that gums are supposed to bleed when you become pregnant, but this is not accurate. In this case, you will be caring for your own health as well as your unborn baby’s health, so proper dental hygiene is more important than ever.

Myth: Gum Disease Is Uncommon.

If everyone practiced proper dental hygiene, visited their dentists regularly, and ate the right kind of food, then gum disease would probably be uncommon. Since this is not the case, gum disease is a common problem that afflicts countless people all over the world. You can protect yourself from gum disease by brushing and flossing your teeth every day and refraining from using tobacco products. Talk to your dentist if you notice any symptoms that might suggest you have this condition.