What You Should Know About Scaling and Root Planing

When you don’t take care of your dental hygiene on your own, you may find yourself visiting the urgent care dental clinic in Renton, WA. Your emergency dentistry practice can offer scaling and root planing , which seeks to remove plaque and bacteria from the surfaces of your teeth. Without this type of oral health treatment, you might end up dealing with issues like tooth decay and gum disease. If you want to continue to enjoy the results of your scaling and root planing procedure, you’ll need to keep up with your dental hygiene. Here’s a little bit more on what you should know about scaling and root planing. root - planing

Purpose of Scaling and Root Planing

It is important to brush and floss your teeth every day, but what happens if you fail to keep up with your dental hygiene routine? When you eat a meal, food debris ends up left behind on the surfaces of your teeth. The food debris mixes with bacteria and acids in the mouth and coats your teeth. If you don’t brush and floss your teeth on a regular basis, you can end up dealing with plaque and tartar building up on your teeth. You can’t brush and floss established tartar from your teeth without the help of a dentist, so you’ll need scaling and root planing in order to restore your oral health.

Consequences of Neglect

Scaling and root planing treatments aim to remove tartar and calculus from the teeth. If you continue to allow this buildup to develop on your teeth, you may increase your chances of developing a range of oral health disorders. Without scaling and root planing, you might face issues like gum disease, tooth decay, and even tooth loss.

Maintaining Your Results

After visiting the urgent care dental clinic and undergoing scaling and root planing, you’ll enjoy cleaner teeth and healthier gums. If you want to keep your teeth and gums healthy, it’s important to stay committed to your dental hygiene regimen. Brush your teeth twice each day, floss every day, and visit your urgent care dental clinic for regular checkups.

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