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A girl in pain holding her cheek

While some dental problems get worse over time, others may warrant a trip to the emergency dental clinic in Renton, WA. Dental cysts can be painful, and they can also cause problems for your jaw. Many people don’t realize that they have dental cysts until they become infected, but scheduling regular appointments with your dentist can help you stay ahead of the problem. Keep reading if you’d like a quick look at dental cysts.

When you have a dental cyst, you have a sack of tissue that contains soft tissue or fluid, and it may or may not become infected over time. In addition to infection, a dental cyst may come with a range of oral health problems, including weaker jaws. As a cyst develops and expands, it can even fracture your jaw entirely. Additionally, dental cysts may end up pushing against other natural teeth, which can cause them to shift out of position or become crooked. This can inhibit your oral health in turn. If you think that you might have a dental cyst, be sure to talk to your dentist as soon as you can. Practice proper dental hygiene and see your dentist regularly to keep cysts from forming.