How Cancer Can Affect Your Oral Health

Finding out that you have cancer will change your life, and some of the changes you experience may relate to your oral health. Even if you’ve never sought toothache relief in Renton, WA in your life, you might once you have been diagnosed. Cancer can have a substantial impact on all aspects of your health. Since your oral health and your overall health affect each other, you’ll want to do your best to practice proper dental hygiene . Please feel free to keep reading if you’d like to find out how cancer can affect your oral health.

Cancer will inherently affect your health, but its treatments can also make it difficult to keep certain facets of your health up to par. Cancer—or any type of serious medical condition—can also make you more vulnerable to infections, which can in turn complicate your cancer treatment. Issues with oral health tend to be common among cancer patients, but symptoms can range from mild to severe. Chemotherapy and radiation can both contribute to oral health issues, as they can impair your immune system and inhibit your ability to produce saliva; the resulting dry mouth may then contribute to infection and tooth decay.

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