The Parent's Guide to Broken Brackets and Wires

If your child has braces, it’s essential that you know what to do in the event of a problem. Call your dentist in Renton, WA, if anything goes wrong with your child’s braces so that you can determine whether or not the issue requires a quick trip to the dentist. Here are the answers to some questions that parents of children with braces often have.

What are the most common problems with braces?
While braces are designed to be as durable as possible, they can still break. The most frequent issues with braces that dentists see include broken brackets or wires, loose bands, protruding wires, and even braces that have come completely loose from the teeth.

Why do problems with braces occur?
Mouth injuries are one of the most common reasons that braces break. Braces can also become damaged due to more mundane reasons, such as eating sticky or hard foods, brushing or flossing too aggressively, or using a toothpick after eating.

How can I tell if braces have been damaged?
If the wires and the brackets have become separated, it’s a sure sign that your child’s braces are damaged. Wires that are sticking out are also a sign of braces that need repair.

What should I do when my child’s braces need repair?
If your child is experiencing severe discomfort because of the broken braces, you may need to call and set up an immediate appointment at your dentist’s office. If there is no pain, your dentist may simply advise you to come in to the office to have the problem fixed at a convenient time within the next few days.

What can I do if a wire is sticking out?
If one of the wires is protruding from the braces, do not try to cut it off. You can use a cotton swab to try to adjust it to a more comfortable position until your dentist can look at it. If that doesn’t work, place dental wax over the end of the wire to prevent it from scratching the inside of your child’s mouth.

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