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Invisible braces

If you want to show off your smile, but crooked teeth or spacing issues are getting in your way, then ClearCorrect Invisible Braces could be right for you. When you’re interested in straightening your teeth and improving your smile, but don’t want to wear traditional metal braces, talk to your dentist in Renton about whether ClearCorrect could be right for you.

ClearCorrect Invisible Braces use a series of clear aligners that gently shift your teeth into a more desirable position. They are nearly invisible, so no one has to know you are getting dental care but you and your dentist. Wear the aligners for 22 hours per day, and remove them when you eat and brush your teeth. Your dentist will track your progress to ensure your teeth are moving appropriately, and every 4 to 6 weeks, you will switch to a new customized aligner. Make an appointment at your dental office for a ClearCorrect consultation and take the first step to feel better about your smile.