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Image of a root canal

If the pulp inside of the tooth becomes infected, it can cause significant pain in your mouth and might even require you to get an extraction. Root canal therapy helps you avoid further issues so you can save your tooth. Before you get a root canal in Tukwila, it is important to understand the procedure so you know what to expect when you get it:

Infection in the Tooth

The problems in the pulp begin when bacteria have the opportunity to reach the inside layers of the tooth. In most cases, this infection causes severe pain and might eventually cause an abscess.

Cracks or chips in the teeth might also lead to this issue. If you repeatedly have a toothache, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist to see if you need root canal therapy.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is a treatment designed to get rid of the infection before it spreads. This treatment can prevent the need to get the tooth removed, which could lead to more serious oral health issues. During a root canal, the dentist x-rays the tooth before giving you a local anesthetic to numb the affected area. The dentist then creates a small opening in the crown and clears out the infected pulp. Once the area is clean, the dentist fills the hole with a filling material. The treatment is complete when the dentist adds a crown to give you back your original function and prevent any further infections.

The Basics of the Treatment

A lot of patients avoid getting root canals because they think they are painful procedures. Root canal therapy actually helps to get rid of the pain of the infected pulp, though. Thanks to modern technology in the dental field, root canals are now no more painful than getting a regular dental filling. Once the procedure is complete, it is important to avoid chewing or biting in the affected area until you get the complete restoration. After it heals, you should enjoy the original function of your mouth.