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Tooth with crown on it

Dentists use a variety of tools to keep your teeth strong and looking their best. Crowns and bridges serve a wide range of purposes that can enhance your smile. Keep reading to learn more about how your Tukwila dentist might use these oral tools to ensure that your teeth are strong and healthy.

Replace a Filling

The dentist can place a dental crown over a tooth that needs a replacement filling. The crown serves as a sort of replacement tooth that restores aesthetic appeal and function to the tooth. It can also prevent further decay. Tukwila Dentist

Protect a Weak Tooth

If there is a tooth that is weak or damaged, a dental crown keeps it from breaking completely. Dentists always want to keep a patient’s natural tooth in the mouth. Adding a dental crown can prevent a fracture, which gives you a better chance of maintaining all of your natural teeth.

Fix a Fractured Tooth

If a tooth has fractured, the dentist can also use a crown to fix it. Fixing a fractured tooth prevents the problem from getting any worse and allows you to regain full use of your mouth. If you have cracked or chipped a tooth, ask your dentist if you need a crown to fix the problem.

Replace Teeth

Dental bridges provide functional and effective solutions for patients that are missing one or more teeth. If you have lost any of your teeth, you should ask your dentist if a bridge will help you regain the ability to bite and to talk the way you did before you lost your teeth.

Cover a Dental Implant or a Dental Bridge

Your dentist can use crowns on dental implants and bridges to serve as the replacement teeth. The dental implant or the bridge serves as the foundation that keeps the crown in its proper location. Once the permanent crown is placed over the implant or the bridge, you can enjoy a restored smile.