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Woman yawning in the office

Sleep apnea, a sleeping disorder that is characterized by the repeated stopping and starting of breathing while sleeping, is a condition that goes unrecognized by many people who suffer from it. If you experience certain symptoms, it may be time to talk to your dentist about sleep apnea treatment in Renton. This article will highlight what symptoms might indicate sleep apnea.

Excessive Snoring

Individuals with sleep apnea snore loudly, and the snoring is persistent. If your partner or family members complain of snoring that is keeping them up at night, the cause may be an obstruction in your upper respiratory system, which leads to sleep apnea.

Cessation of Breathing

If you have an obstruction in your airways, your body becomes deprived of oxygen as you are sleeping. Once you stop breathing, your body will wake up to breathe. Individuals with sleep apnea may not realize they constantly are waking up throughout the night to begin breathing again but it is usually noticed by whoever is sleeping next to them. Sleep apnea devices are often used to regulate breathing throughout the night.

Constant Fatigue

Fatigue can be caused by a number of things, but it is also a serious sign that it is time to talk to your dentist about sleep apnea treatment. People who suffer from sleep apnea often find themselves experiencing excessive drowsiness during the day. If you are waking up multiple times throughout the night because you have stopped breathing, you will probably find that you never feel fully rested.

Other Warning Signs

In addition to the previous signs, there are other symptoms that are associated with sleep apnea. Some of these symptoms can be related to lack of good sleep, including irritability and problems with focusing your attention. Waking up with a headache or an excessively dry throat and mouth are also symptoms of sleep apnea.