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A man in pain holding his cheek

A cracked tooth may warrant dental urgent care in Renton, but in order to seek the treatment, you will first have to recognize the problem. Aches and pains are characteristic symptoms of a cracked tooth, but they can be symptoms of other problems as well; the pains associated with cracked teeth tend to come and go. You might also find that your tooth is sensitive to temperature. If you are someone who is particularly susceptible to cracked teeth, you should meet with your dentist regularly and understand the signs. Here is a look at some of the signs that you may have a cracked tooth and need repair.

Inconsistent Pain

A toothache could spring up due to a wide variety of reasons, but in many cases, the pain will be relatively constant and cause you to seek toothache relief. When you suffer a cracked tooth, however, you will probably feel the pain in specific situations. You may feel the pain of a cracked tooth when you bite down while eating; if it hurts to bite down but the pain goes away when you stop, you may have a cracked tooth. A cracked tooth might also sporadically hurt but then subside. If you experience this type of inconsistent pain, talk to your urgent care dentist to see if you have a cracked tooth.

Sensitivity to Temperature

If you have one or more cracked teeth, the pain might not be the only sensation you experience as a result; a cracked tooth will typically be sensitive to temperature as well. If you notice that you suddenly have trouble eating particularly cool or warm foods, this could indicate the presence of a cracked tooth. Even exposure to cool air could be painful or uncomfortable for a cracked tooth, so see your dentist as soon as you notice this issue.

Risk Factors

Although anyone may experience a cracked tooth, not everyone is equally susceptible to this complication. Those who have a habit of chewing on hard foods like nuts and ice will typically be more vulnerable to cracked teeth. You will also be more likely to experience a cracked tooth if you grind your teeth, especially if you have large fillings.