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Banner of Sleep Apnea

If you have been suffering from sleep apnea, then it is best to call your dentist for sleep apnea treatments. Your dentist has specific training and education in the mouth and throat, which is where sleep apnea problems occur. He can offer you more efficient sleep apnea treatments in Renton, WA, and you can start sleeping better in no time.

Sleep Apnea May Be Caused by Your Mouth Shape.

There are a few different reasons you might be experiencing sleep apnea. Excess weight on the mouth and throat tissues can cause sleep apnea, as well as oversized tonsils or a large overbite. If your sleep apnea is caused by an overbite or another dental condition, then your dentist can make a more informed diagnosis. He can better diagnose and recommend the right sleep apnea treatment for your mouth and jaw shape.

Your Dentist Can Offer Oral Sleep Apnea Appliances.

There are only a few effective sleep apnea treatments, and many of them are loud and cumbersome. If you are looking for a better and quieter solution to your sleep apnea, then your dentist is the one to speak with. He can offer you a customized sleep apnea treatment known as the Moses Oral Appliance. This type of sleep apnea treatment is meant to hold your mouth and airways open at such an angle to make breathing easier while you sleep. It does not force air into your airways like other sleep apnea devices, and it is much more convenient to wear while you sleep.

Your Dentist Can Monitor Your Dental and Sleep Apnea Care.

By visiting your dentist for your dental and sleep apnea care, you can better take care of yourself in a more efficient way. You will not need to visit two or three separate doctors to treat your sleep apnea and take regular care of your dental and overall health. Your dentist can address your dental concerns in the same appointment as your sleep apnea checkups.