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Man snoring

If you suffer from sleep apnea, then your sleeping partner probably suffers to some extent as well. In addition to reducing the loud sounds of snoring, oral sleep apnea treatment in Renton can help you fully enjoy your sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. Custom sleep apnea devices may even improve your general health and well-being. Are you tired of missing out on a proper night’s sleep? Continue on to find out how your dentist can treat your sleep apnea.

Identify Your Risk Factors

Only certain people experience sleep apnea, and many of them tend to share a few similar characteristics. The first way your dentist can help you deal with your sleep apnea is by explaining the many risk factors that might make you susceptible to this disorder. You might experience a few sleep apnea risk factors that are out of your control; older males who have a family history of the disorder cannot change their risk factors. However, habits like tobacco use and excessive consumption of alcohol are risk factors that you can modify. Once you go over the full range of risk factors for sleep apnea with your dentist, he or she can recommend healthy lifestyle changes.

Offer Oral Appliances

Advice is not the only help that dentists have to offer when it comes to treating sleep apnea. They can also help you and your partner sleep more soundly throughout the night by administering oral sleep appliances. Modern oral sleep appliances are discreet and convenient, and they can prevent the need for a CPAP machine. Due to the smaller and more compact nature of these sleep appliances, you can easily use them when you are traveling. Some individuals find optimal results when they combine an oral appliance with their CPAP machines.

Provide Professional Results

Your dentist will never offer you a treatment plan that is not expected to be successful, unlike the creators of drug store sleep appliances. Your dentist will take images of your mouth in order to design a custom appliance just for you, so you’ll enjoy much higher quality results.