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Girl showing the dental braces

Many individuals who might benefit from a visit to the orthodontist in Renton end up staying home, and this is often due to the many myths that still surround orthodontic treatment. Others go through treatment despite believing these myths. Orthodontic treatments no longer reduce the appeal of your smile before improving it. Read on to dispel the myths about orthodontic treatment.

Braces Are Painful, Inconvenient, and Ugly

Traditional braces were once bulky, metallic, and unsightly. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Children, teenagers, and adults alike are using braces to enhance their smiles because these braces are no longer as distracting as they were in the past. You can talk to your dentist about invisible braces or even Invisalign.

Today’s orthodontic treatments are also much more comfortable and convenient than conventional braces. As long as you work with a capable and trustworthy orthodontist, your braces will never feel too tight or hurt your mouth; if they do, then something is wrong and the problem should be addressed.

You Don’t Need a Retainer

You might dream of your brand new smile and eagerly await the ability to show it off to the world, but it will not stay in such pristine condition without a little maintenance. You should use your retainer in order to keep your teeth in their new positions and prevent the need for further restorations. It is also important to continue to take proper care of your newly straightened teeth by brushing and flossing them each day.

I Know Exactly When My Braces Will Be Removed

Many people have the same question when they receive their braces: How long will they stay on? Your orthodontist may give you an idea of how long the treatment process will take but do not set this date in stone. Orthodontic treatments are gradual processes that are designed to realign your teeth safely and effectively, so they must be checked along the way.