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People need strong and healthy teeth for a variety of tasks including verbal communication and the mechanical breakdown of food. When your teeth begin to decay and you do not seek treatment from your dentist in Tukwila, you may end up losing them altogether. This can inhibit our ability to complete these basic human tasks and unnecessarily complicate your life. Keep reading to learn about a few daily ways in which you can prevent tooth decay.

Dental Hygiene

The most basic form of preventative treatment for oral health is proper dental hygiene. Practicing proper dental hygiene on a daily basis throughout your entire life can help you avoid all kinds of diseases and complication. As dentists have historically told children, one of the most important aspects of dental hygiene is brushing your teeth twice each day. Dentist in Tukwila Makes sure you and your children use toothpaste that contains fluoride. The best times to brush your teeth are after meals and before sleep. You should also floss each day in order to remove bacteria and debris from between your teeth. Be sure to visit your dentist routinely so that he or she can thoroughly clean your teeth and screen you for complications.


Dental hygiene is an important part of preventing tooth decay, but there are other factors that put even the most attentive teeth cleaners at risk. Brushing and flossing your teeth may not be enough if your diet is loaded with sticky foods and snacks. When children eat candy, chips, and other carbohydrates during the day, they do not always brush their teeth immediately afterward; this allows food debris to stick to the surface of the teeth and contribute to plaque. Try to limit these types of foods.

Sealants and Supplements

Your dentist may suggest the use of dental sealants or supplemental fluoride. These are additional preventative measures that can be taken to strengthen and protect your teeth. These supplemental aids may be beneficial to those who are at greater risk for tooth decay.