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Image of Mouth guard

When you go into a contact sport without a mouth guard, there is always a chance you’ll be leaving to head to the emergency dental clinic in Renton, WA. A heavy tackle, a slip, and fall, or another facial trauma can cause all kinds of dental emergencies. From cracked tooth repair to toothache relief, your urgent care dentist can help fix you up. However, a mouthguard can help protect you from these potential dental emergencies and they come in several different forms. Here is a quick look at a few of the common types of mouth guards.

Everything from sports to accidents to bruxism can damage your teeth, so it helps to have a mouthguard. A standard stock mouthguard will offer only basic protection and wear out quickly. Boil and bite mouth guards make for another type that you can find for purchase in a sports store, and they tend to fit somewhat better than standard mouth guards. For high-quality dental care, talk to your emergency dentistry practice about custom bite guards that are designed with your teeth in mind. They will fit more comfortably and won’t distract you when you’re on the field or in your bed.