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Woman placing invisalign

Orthodontics is no longer just for adolescents. It’s never too late to have a beautifully straight smile, so talk to a dentist in Tukwila today about Invisalign treatment. Braces have been the standard treatment option for misaligned teeth, but they aren’t always the most convenient or visually appealing choice.

Especially for adults, metal braces may trigger cosmetic concerns. Invisalign treatment uses transparent aligners to correct poor bite and other misalignment issues, making it a popular option for patients who want to retain their appearance throughout the teeth-straightening process. Invisalign also makes it easy to maintain a healthy mouth, as the aligners can be removed for each brushing and flossing session. Aligners can also be taken out during mealtimes. So if your smile doesn’t have the positive impact you want, schedule a consultation with a dentist who can assess your misalignment needs and recommend a customized Invisalign treatment plan.

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