How Scaling and Root Planing Are Used to Treat Periodontal Disease

If you have advanced gum disease—commonly known as periodontal disease—it will take more than a routine cleaning to effectively treat it. When a person develops periodontal disease, it means that plaque buildup has resulted in a chronic bacterial infection that causes gum inflammation. Over time, pockets start to develop between the gums and the teeth, allowing plaque to spread well out of reach of your toothbrush. Fortunately, your dentist can provide you with an effective treatment known as scaling and root planing .

During the process, your dentist will use special instruments to clean below the gumline, carefully removing all of the plaque and tartar that have built up. Then, your dentist will smooth out—or plane—the roots of your teeth so the tissue can heal. A local anesthesia is usually used during the procedure to ensure the patient’s comfort. If you’re interested in learning more about periodontal disease, how to prevent it, and how to treat it, schedule an appointment with your dentist in Renton, WA, today.

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