Our No-Pain Dentistry Promise!

Here at Smiles@Southcenter in Renton, WA, we understand that our patients often come to us after years of not seeing a dentist. Often, they’ve had a traumatic dental experience and they’ve developed dental anxieties or even phobias. We’re on a mission to put an end to patient anxiety. With our no-pain dentistry promise, our patients can learn to relax in the exam room and have a positive experience. It’s our goal to make you smile—and to help you enjoy your smile.

Our team is committed to supporting open communication with our patients. Let us know how we can help you, whether you need more local anesthetic to get thoroughly numb or you need a break to rest your jaw. Be sure to ask us about conscious sedation. We are licensed to administer FDA-approved, safety-tested medications to induce a heightened state of relaxation. With sedation dentistry, our patients can enjoy a completely comfortable experience—free of pain and anxiety.

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