• When to Call an Emergency Dentist About Sore Teeth and Gums

    When your teeth and gums have been hurting or swelling severely, then it may be time to call your urgent care dental clinic in Renton, WA. These signs, among others, can signal the possibility of a dental infection or abscess that must be addressed by an urgent care dentist right away. You Have Throbbing Pain […]

  • Comparing Oral Sleep Appliances and CPAP Therapy

    When a person suffers from sleep apnea, he or she is often prescribed a variety of sleep apnea treatments near Renton, WA . One of these treatments is known as continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, which uses a machine that aids sleep apnea sufferers. While this has long been the standard in treatment, dentists […]

  • How Fluoride Helps Your Teeth

    Fluoride is a common additive to city water, toothpaste, and mouthwashes. Recommended by dentists serving Renton, WA, fluoride can prevent tooth decay and cavities from forming on your teeth. Watch this video for a quick look at how fluoride is formed and why dentists recommend using it on your teeth. Tooth enamel, which is the […]

  • What Causes Snoring?

    The act of snoring occurs when a person has blocked or narrow airways. The noise is caused by vibrating tissues, which become agitated as the airflow goes through narrow airways. There are many factors that can bring about snoring, such as certain sleeping positions or a medical problem like sleep apnea . In the case […]

  • The Risks of Sleep Apnea

    Sleep apnea is a condition in which people have shallow or paused breathing while sleeping. While the effects of sleep apnea are very serious, many people are unaware that they even have this condition. Without proper sleep apnea solutions , such as a CPAP machine or mouthguard, sufferers are at risk for several dangers and […]