• The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

    Your smile may lose its luster over the years for a wide array of reasons, but there are ways that your dentist in Renton can help you rejuvenate your appearance . Teeth whitening can be done in or out of the dental office, but results tend to be more fruitful when you seek professional help. […]

  • Signs You May Have a Cracked Tooth

    A cracked tooth may warrant dental urgent care in Renton, but in order to seek treatment you will first have to recognize the problem. Aches and pains are characteristic symptoms of a cracked tooth, but they can be symptoms of other problems as well; the pains associated with cracked teeth tend to come and go. […]

  • Examining the Causes of Sleep Apnea

    Before you can find a sleep apnea cure in Renton, WA, you will need to identify the cause. Obstructive sleep apnea can prevent you and your partner from getting the rest you need to stay awake and alert throughout the day. People develop sleep apnea for all kinds of reasons, from weight and age to […]

  • What to Do About a Knocked-Out Tooth

    A knocked out tooth can be a scary dental emergency for patients of all ages. Fast care is important to attempt to save the tooth and potentially avoid the need for dental implants in the future. If you experience this dental emergency in Renton , take these steps to get the care you need. Clean […]