• The Benefits of Invisalign

    If you want a smile you can be confident about, there are many solutions that an orthodontist can provide. While traditional braces are a tried and true method of achieving straighter teeth, there are options available that offer better benefits. Invisalign in Renton offers an orthodontic solution that is guaranteed to give you a straighter, […]

  • A Healthy Smile is a Happy Smile

    Few things are as attractive or appealing as a beautiful, dazzling, white smile. If you are self-conscious about your smile, it may adversely affect your self-confidence in both social and professional settings. People who smile very little are often perceived as aloof, reserved, or even unfriendly. If you have a beaming smile, you will radiant […]

  • How Sleep Apnea Affects You

    Sleep apnea is a condition which affects the sufferer’s breathing during sleep. It is frequently accompanied by loud snoring. Snoring is often considered to be merely a nuisance, which keeps the snorer’s partner awake. However, sleep apnea is a serious condition which can cause longer-term health issues. Sleep apnea is a disruption of normal breathing […]

  • What to Do If You Have a Toothache

    Having a toothache is nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes, teeth can become sensitive or painful for no obvious reason. However, if you are suffering from persistent or lasting dental pain, you should consult your dentist in Renton as soon as possible. Toothache can be caused by a variety of factors. These include chips or […]