• A Look at Sensitive Teeth

    Sensitive teeth make it difficult to enjoy hot and cold foods, which can keep you from enjoying some of your favorite meals. If you are experiencing sensitivity, you should schedule an appointment with a dentist in Tukwila . A lot of people think they have to live with sensitive teeth, but that is not the […]

  • The Uses of Crowns and Bridges

    Dentists use a variety of tools to keep your teeth strong and looking their best. Crowns and bridges serve a wide range of purposes that can enhance your smile. Keep reading to learn more about how your Tukwila dentist might use these oral tools to ensure that your teeth are strong and healthy. Replace a […]

  • Get to Know Dr. Thuy Nguyen

    Smiles@Southcenter wants everyone to have access to effective and convenient dental care, which is why we hire some of the top dentists in Tukwila . Keep reading to learn about our Dr. Thuy Nguyen and what she brings to our practice. Dr. Nguyen earned her Bachelor of Science in Microbiology before earning her Doctorate of […]