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Boxer punching a man's face

Dental urgent care is not something patients often think of until they need it, such as when a tooth gets knocked out. If there is an emergency of this nature, an urgent care dentist serving Renton, WA must be called as soon as possible. Continue reading for a step-by-step guide to treating a knocked-out tooth with dental urgent care.

Locate the Tooth

If possible, find and grab the knocked-out tooth and any fragments. Grab the tooth by the crown, or the exposed section of the tooth, and avoid touching the roots. This will help preserve the structure and possibility of reinserting the tooth.

Rinse the Tooth

If the tooth is dirty, then rinse it off with some milk or water. Again, do not hold it by the roots or wipe off any dirt with a shirt or cloth. Only run a mild stream of milk or water over the dirt to rinse it off.

Reinsert or Store the Tooth

To keep the tooth as viable as possible, try to reinsert it into the open socket. Do not force it, or there is a risk of further damaging the tooth and socket. If unable to reinsert the tooth, then it must be kept moist and secure. Until an urgent care dentist can be seen, keep the tooth in a small container of milk or an over-the-counter tooth-saving solution. If neither of these options is available, then it can be kept moist inside the mouth, between the gum and cheek.

Treat the Area

Most likely, there will be bleeding and swelling around the affected area. Rinse the blood out with warm water and hold a piece of gauze to contain the bleeding. Press a cold compress to the outside of the cheek to contain swelling.

Call the Urgent Care Dentist

As soon as possible, call an urgent care dentist. A knocked-out tooth may be salvageable if a dentist is able to treat the area in time. No matter the time of day, call a dentist or emergency dental clinic for treatment.