• Here Are the Facts About Tooth Decay

    If you have experienced a cavity in your lifetime, you have experienced tooth decay. You might have even visited your emergency dental clinic in Renton, WA to address the pain and discomfort that can sometimes be associated with this dental health issue. People of all ages have sought toothache relief due to extensive tooth decay, […]

  • What Happens When You Don’t Brush Your Teeth?

    Everyday dental care is essential to maintaining a healthy and attractive-looking smile. However, forgetting to brush for even a few days can mean a lot of problems for the teeth and gums. When teeth are not brushed regularly, plaque can build up and lead to dangerous tooth decay and gum disease near Renton, WA. As […]

  • Signs You May Need a Root Canal

    You may have heard the phrase that compares a root canal to something undesirable or unpleasant, but a root canal in Tukwila can actually alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms associated with damaged or infected tooth pulp. A timely root canal can save you from a great deal of discomfort in the long run and should never […]

  • Daily Ways to Prevent Tooth Decay

    People need strong and healthy teeth for a variety of tasks including verbal communication and the mechanical breakdown of food. When your teeth begin to decay and you do not seek treatment from your dentist in Tukwila, you may end up losing them altogether. This can inhibit our ability to complete these basic human tasks […]

  • tips for avoiding cavities

    Tips for Avoiding Cavities

    [updated August 2019] Cavities are among the most common dental problems. Tooth decay is caused by the bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria feed off of sugars and produce acids as a byproduct. The bacteria can turn into plaque, which is a sticky substance that adheres to the teeth. The acids produced by the bacteria […]

  • A Look at the Different Types of Fillings

    Tooth decay is a progressive problem. Once it begins, only professional dental treatment can stop it from causing additional damage to your teeth. Unless you experience a toothache, you might not realize that you have a cavity until you undergo a dental examination. However, a dentist in Tukwila can quickly determine the extent of your […]