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Dentist checking girl's teeth

Tooth decay is a progressive problem. Once it begins, only professional dental treatment can stop it from causing additional damage to your teeth. Unless you experience a toothache, you might not realize that you have a cavity until you undergo a dental examination. However, a dentist in Tukwila can quickly determine the extent of your tooth decay and recommend appropriate care for it. If you have only a small cavity, your dentist can likely address it with a filling.

Resin Fillings

Restorative dentistry services now incorporate many cosmetic dentistry practices. For instance, if you have a cavity, your dentist can treat it with a resin filling that replicates the appearance of your natural enamel. As a result, your treatment becomes virtually invisible to others. Resin fillings are also resilient. When you practice good oral hygiene at home and avoid habits that might damage your teeth, such as chewing on ice or hard candy, your fillings can last for decades. Technological advances also allow your dentist to create and administer your resin filling without the need to make a second dental appointment.

Amalgam Fillings

Many people know amalgam fillings more commonly as metal fillings. Just a few decades ago, this type of filling was standard for dental patients. However, growing research shows that the drawbacks of amalgam fillings may outweigh their benefits. Because these fillings are made of metal, they can change in size depending on the temperature of the mouth. Therefore, common activities such as drinking iced beverages or eating hot meals may cause these fillings to grow or shrink. Should this happen repeatedly over time, it can put a treated tooth at risk for future cracks. Studies also indicate that the materials in amalgam fillings may pose health risks to those with them. The silver appearance of amalgam fillings is a considerable disadvantage of this treatment option as well. For these reasons, many dentists now provide resin fillings for their patients and recommend that all amalgam fillings be replaced with these alternate restorative devices as soon as possible.